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Through our wide variety of expertise and equipment, MacTech finishes the jobs that others simply can’t get done. We manufacture parts and products alike to a high degree of quality.

Our Services


Mactech Serves with Quality in Mind

We work with our customers to meet their quality needs, while striving to improve our processes in anticipation for the challenges manufacturers will be facing tomorrow. Our teams draw upon decades of experience from a variety of expertise. Regardless of your needs, a single prototype or high volume production runs of thousands of pieces, we strive to provide accuracy and consistency.

Our Products

Here at MacTech we make the full line of Sund Pick-ups and Universal Headers for your harvest needs. We also specialize in building custom Roll Forming Machines.



We make Universal Headers from 14’ – 30’. Made both in full screen or partial to fit the need for your harvest.


Sund Pick-Ups

We make the full line of Sund Pick-Ups from 4’ to 30’ and stock all oem replacement parts.


Roll Forming Machines

Need to streamline your production line? We have experience in designing and custom building the machines you need.

Our Services

Our services are diverse and yet specialized. We offer CNC and manual machining, heavy equipment cylinder and pin replacement parts, tool and die work, external splining service, specialty surface grinding, as well as small repair and welding jobs.


Welding & Small Repairs

Repairs + Welding

We offer a variety of welding services such as mig, tig and arc welding, whether it be a large order or small repairs from walk-ins.
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Tool & Die

Contract Process

Our Tool and die specialist can make fixtures, dies, punches, machine tools, cutting tools for your production needs.
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Surface Grinding

Unique Process

With southern Manitoba’s only flat surface grinder, we can sharpen punches, die blades, and any other high precision application.
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Splined Shafts

Unique Process

We offer external splining service for all your custom or OEM (original equipment manufacturer part) needs.
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Roll Forming

Streamline Production

We build machines that can and will speed up your production line to work more efficiently.
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Manufacturing Process

In our machining department, we offer CNC milling and turning as well as manual machining services.
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Cylinders & Pins

Machining Process

Bring us your used pins and we will make you replacement OEM heavy equipment cylinders and/or pins for a fraction of the price of OEM.
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Contact Us

If you’d like to talk to us about one of our products or services, get in touch with us with one of our contact options below, we’d be happy to help.

Phone: 204 829 2334

Email: info@mactechmfg.com